(Media Division)
Mr. Ahmed A. Ammar, Chairman of the MC and Mr. Ahmed M. ElMejbery, Member of the MC and the Members of the Operations Committee paid a field visit, on Tuesday, April 2, 2019, to Jalo and Faregh fields where the the Operations Committee held a meeting with the heads of divisions in Jalo field. The field manager welcomed the Messers attending the meeting and expressed his appreciation to the field visit as to get acquainted with work progress in the oilfields. At the beginning of the meeting the MC Chairman gave a speech in which he praised efforts exerted by enployees in the field and their sacrifices and determination to upgrade the company as well as the spirit of team work that helped to overcome difficulties to reach the best average of production.
Then the Operations Committee listened to a number of topics, proposals and remarks related to providing work necessities, particularly spare parts, equipment and vehicles…etc. which will contribute in supporting work in the field especially in the technical aspect.

During the same day, the committee continued its field visit by going to Faregh field where it inspected the various stages of work to complete necessary works to begin experimental operation of the second stage of Faregh project.
It is worth mentioning that Faregh project is considered one of strategic projects in oil and gas sector which will be a strong base for national economy. In the first stage, 70 million cubic feet of natural gas and 15 thousands of oil barrels will be produced and in the second stage, 180 million cubic feet of natural gas and 15 thousands barrels of condensers will be produced which will contribute in supplying gas to Sarir electric power generating station as well as feeding the coastal line with gas supplies.