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In appreciation of the efforts exerted by the company’s employees in developing the company and to their capability in overcoming difficulties and challenges that the company faced in regaining the regular average of production in a record time and in its pursuit to render the best services to its employees in the various work sights, Mr. Ahmed A. Ammar, Chairman of the MC held an extensive meeting, on Wednesday, April 3, 2019, with Mr. Abdel Razag Beleid AlTarhuni, General Manager of Jamhuria Bank and his assistances.
The meeting discussed cooperation between the company and the bank at the top of which is providing financial services to the company and its employees, customers of the bank. In this respect, the MC Chairman stressed the necessity of the company and its staff in getting an integrated financial services, particularly, he emphasized, the issue of liquid currency to those who wrk in the oilfields and the terminal who are in distant places cities and towns, where banks exist, a situation that deprived them from liquid currency distributed by the banks.

The General Manager of the Bank, from his side, expressed the bank’s readiness to cooperate with Waha Oil Company to provide financial services by opening an agency of the bank in the company’s premises.
In implementation of what had been agreed upon in the meeting between the Chairman of MC and the manager of the Bank, a high ranking delegation from Jamhouria Bank paid a visit to the Company on April 4,2019. The delegation included Messers Fathi AlFandi, Assistant Manager for Financial Affairs, Mohamed AlDabaa, Director of the Treasury, NorEddin Jaluta, Director of International Relations, Fowzi AlShwish, Director of Marketing, Khalifa AlMewal and Director of installations and Furnishing, held an expanded meeting attended by Mr. Ahmed A. Ammar, Chairman of MC, Mr. Ahmed M. AlMejbery, Member of the MC and Mr. Hisham AlIsawe, Manager of Finance Department.
The meeting discussed means and ways of implementing what had been agreed upon in the previous meeting and exerting efforts to develop cooperation between the Company and the Bank and to improve banking services rendered by Jamhouria Bank to the Company and its employees and the opening of a Bank agency in the Company as well as activating the the unified electronic distribution system for salaries of the Company’s employees, customers of the bank, so as their salaries reach the branches of Jamhouria Bank in the same time.
At the end of the meeting, the Bank delegation inspected the premises allocated by the company for the agency which was furnished according to the standards and the required technical conditions for a bank’s work and equipped with all work requirements including offices, equipment and means of communications. The delegation expressed its praise of the premises and its facilities.
The Deputy General Manager of the Jamhouria Bank confirmed the Bank’s readiness to render banking services to the Company and that the Bank will immediately assume implementing all the items agreed upon and promised the opening of the agency in the company in the near future.